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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Connected To The Internet After A Virus, But Can't See or View Web Sites

After I got infected with Vundo trojan and the InternetSecurity2010 virus, and perhaps a worm, I got everything cleaned out with SuperAntiSpyware.

Unfortuantely, after reboot, I got locked into the Log On / Log Off loop.  It's a situation where you think you're going to log on, but you never really can.  What fixed that for me was Dan Fischbach's system.  You have to burn a couple of CDs, including an iso disc (need an iso burning program?  go here to Img Burn).  I had some further complications, so I emailed Dan and he supplied an additional solution for me which worked.  He had a Paypal donate button, so I sent him $20.

Are you reading this for the first time?  Well, download that iso burning program I linked to and the two files Dan mentions on this page.  Have them around just in case in the future.

Also make sure if you have a PC you are running the latest from Microsoft Security Essentials.

After I could get logged into my desktop, I had some further cleanup to do.  One thing I couldn't do after bringing up any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome) was get on any web site.  It was sort of like I was working offline, but I wasn't.

Then I found a solution deep within a message board:

Go to Start / Run / type: cmd

Type:  netsh winsock reset catalog

Then type:  netsh int ip reset reset.log

Restart your computer

This worked for me.

You might also need to do the following after your system comes up:

Go to Start / Run / type: cmd

Type:  ipconfig /flushdns

then Type:  ipconfig /release
then Type:  ipconfig /renew

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